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Symbolize the festive atmosphere: Lantern

2018/2/20 6:37:34
Symbolize the festive atmosphere: Lantern
Lantern is an ancient Chinese traditional handicraft. Originated in the Western Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, before and after the Lantern Festival of the 15th lunar month every year, people all hung the red lanterns that symbolize the reunification to create a festive atmosphere.
Later lanterns became a symbol of Chinese festivity. After the successive generations of lantern artists, formed a rich variety of products and superb technology level. From the categories: palace lanterns, yarn lanterns, hanging lanterns and so on. From the modeling points: people, landscapes, flowers, birds, dragon, phoenix, fish and insects, etc., in addition there are also for people to enjoy the special lights.
Quanzhou style lanterns:
The general braided anti-state Lantern used two kinds of tough, flexible bamboo and hemp as the main material.
LED lanterns:
LED lanterns have developed a series of more than 10 series, such as glowing dragon bracket cage, glittering Q type dragon bracket lantern, dragon glowing bracket with small lantern, more than 80 kinds of lanterns, making all kinds of LED lanterns and all kinds of Extra large LED lantern.
Red lanterns:
Red lantern is an assembled lanterns, lanterns made of environmentally friendly PP sheet, the style of this kind of lanterns is changeable, there are 8 series, such as melon type, lantern, vase, round, square and spring type.

Red lanterns

Quanzhou style lanterns

LED lanterns

We hang lanterns on the first day of the Spring Festival until to the Lantern Festival. How about you?
2018/3/8 15:29:38