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Let your wishes go further in the wind

2018/2/20 9:40:51
Let your wishes go further in the wind
Kongming lantern, also known as sky lantern, commonly known as wishing light. Is an ancient Chinese handicrafts, more military use in ancient times. Modern people release more Kongming lanterns as prayers. Young and old, men and women hand-written wishes, a symbol of bumper harvest, happiness in every year. Generally release in the Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other major holidays.
According to legend, five generations (AD 907 ~ 960), there is a woman named Xin Qiangniang, with her husband in the Fujian war, she used bamboo tie into a square frame, paste the paper, and made headlamps, placed the burning turpentine on the chassis, the Kongming lantern fly to the sky by the hot air, used for military contact signals. This resinous lantern, known as Kongming lantern in Sichuan. This lantern looks like Zhuge Liang wearing a hat, hence the name.
Another way of saying is that Zhuge Liang was invented this kind of lantern by the Three Kingdoms period. Zhuge Liang was besieged in Pingyang, unable to send troops out of the city for help. So he calculated the correct direction of the wind, made of floating paper lanterns, fasten the message for help, and then surely escape, so later called this lantern as Kongming lanterns.

Hundreds of Kongming lanterns

Release the Kongming lantern

Kongming lanterns

We know that Kongming lanterns are used to pray for blessings and keep peace. Playing Kongming lanterns has become a folk culture.
2019/7/26 12:35:45
Kongming lanterns always represent hope and blessing!
2018/3/9 15:02:37