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Thoughts of the Movie “The life of Pi”

2018/2/20 11:09:03
Thoughts of the Movie “The life of Pi”
The fantastic film, “The Life of Pi”, directed by Li An, has aroused wide sensation in public.Views on this film vary from person to person.As far as I’m concerned, this film really attracted my attention during the entire film.I was absorbed in the magnificent images and I think there is no denying that this film is a great success.From my perspective, the point that impressed me most is Pi’s positive attitude towards the obstacles he was facing.I think it was his endurance and his brave attitude that finally helped him out of danger and sadness.

Apart from that, the film has also expressed a desire that we can live peacefully with animals, which moved me a lot.The incredible story that Pi lived with and cared about the tiger is a moving spectacle, which shows the humanity and the harmonious bond between human and animals.And the story leads me to believe that love can make changes and we should show mercy to the livings from the bottom of our hearts.

After all,this is a great movie which moved me a lot.

It’s also filmed simply, with Ang Lee opting for the sound of rustling blue jeans and animalistic grunts filling the entire soundscape.

It’s a very brave film from Ang Lee to make a film about his home country that most of his home country won’t be able to see, however, we got the privilege of seeing it here.

What did you think of his methods, what was he trying to get out of you?

i heard that the person who plays PI has recently appeared in the new India film
2018/3/12 14:49:55