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What will happen when the American patato patties encounter garlic sauce?

2017/12/29 9:16:44
What will happen when the American patato patties encounter garlic sauce?
Recently, Sichuan sauce was popular among the American people. Some Americans even had a parade because they couldn't get the Sichuan sauce.So guess you may realize that the combination of Chinese sauces with foreign food is definately a new wonderful land for people to find. So, have you reached the wonderful land of the combination of American potato patties and fried garlic sauce?Let’s call it “Patato Patties with Fried Garlic Sauce”.

The making process is very simple. Patato patties are frozen fried food and you can buy them from every supermarket.Here are the making process and steps:

[Patato Patties with Fried Garlic Sauce]

1.frozen potato patties
2.garlic juice

How to make the garlic juice? Just mix all the ingredients mentioned following.
Ingredients of garlic juice: garlic end 1 tablespoons ginger,1 teaspoon,1 tablespoon chili, Pixian bean sauce 1/2 tablespoons (chopped),soy sauce 1 tsp,sugar 2 tablespoon, 1 tsp vinegar, cooking wine 1 tsp, pepper oil 1 tsp,salt 1 tsp, chicken essence 1 tsp,50ML water,water starch 1 tablespoons

How to make"Patato Patties with Fried Garlic Sauce"?

1. Put the potato patties in the baking tray (without thawing), put the tray with potato patties on it into the oven and bake for 10 minutes at 230 degrees until they turn to golden brown.

2. Put the baked potato patties onto the plate.

3. Pour the garlic juice into the pot,boiling it with small fire.

5. Then put the starch into the pot and wait until it gets sticky.

6. Pour the cooked fish sauce onto the potato patties,then sprinkle chives.
Enjoy the delicious dish now~

Patato Patties with Fried Garlic Sauce

Ametican Patato Patties

The making process of “Patato Patties with Fried Garlic Sauce”

I really miss my Sichuan source now!Maybe I will go to China to get some~
2017/12/4 15:04:38