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The product which can save the money: Saving collar

2018/2/28 20:23:51
The product which can save the money: Saving collar
Speaking of fakes, no one does not hate, but in the seventies of last century, there is a fake thing, very popular with people, but also popular moment, this is the fake collar also known as saving collar. Saving collar is actually a real collar, but it is not a real underwear clothing, just a collar. It is not just collar, it also has front, back, buttons, buttonhole, but only retained the upper half of the underwear, wearing a coat inside, to be true, revealing part of the collar completely the same as the shirt.
Saving collar is the specialty of Shanghai in the seventies and eighties of the last century, is now quietly back. And there is some difference that in the past the users of the saving collar are the poor people, now most of users are officers. Saving collar has light weight, even as a one-time clothing, wear it once, the cost is also cheaper than washing a shirt in the hotel, and the process of wash up is very convenient, in line with international environmental protection idea.
In some occasions which not have to wear shirts, people can pick up the old habits, in response to the call of build a resource-saving society. Because in the winter, shirt is not easy to dry, and after wash it needs to drying and ironing, it very takes time. Besides, the shirt is not cheap, a cheaper shirt at least a hundred RMB, a little better even to a few hundred RMB. And in winter due to wear sweaters, so wear fake collar is the same as wear a shirt.

Modern saving collar

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Customers are picking

These clothes looks so cute.
2018/3/9 9:43:55