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A vehicle which needs the pull of people: Rickshaw

2018/2/22 4:47:41
A vehicle which needs the pull of people: Rickshaw
Jinrikisha, also known as rickshaws, is a peculiar landscape of old China. Lao She's "Camel Shoko" made a meticulous description of the rickshaw driver; "a trifle" of Lu Xun impressed people with the noble character of the rickshaw driver; the British philosopher Russell refused to take a rickshaw while visiting China, because he thought that ride the rickshaw is violated the idea of “Everyone is equal”.
China's rickshaw car started in Shanghai. In 1873, when French businessman Mila saw the increasingly prosperous Shanghai concession and the lack of transport applications, so he submitted a petition to the office of the French Concession Authority to set up a hand-drawn passenger car service agency in the two concessions. In consultation with the public-concession authorities through the French Concession, agreed to issue a license for the rickshaw and approve the range price. The following year in March, Mila opened the first rickshaw company in Shanghai and imported 300 rickshaws from Japan, known as "Toyama."
After several decades of technological improvements, rickshaw used pneumatic tires instead of wooden tires, the seat is replaced by a spring cushion, increase the backrest, and more comfortable to ride. Rickshaws fare is low, when Shanghai people go out for work, shopping, visiting friends and relatives, rickshaws are the main choice of transport, and also a fashion.

The sculpture of rickshaw


This is often seen in 1980s TV series. Ha-ha.
2018/3/9 9:41:34