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Lion dance: Thriving had bumper years,round and round round luck even.

2018/8/4 12:15:48
Lion dance: Thriving had bumper years,round and round round luck even.
Lion dance is a unique tradition in my native place. During Spring Festival, the villagers always beat drums and lit firecrackers to welcome the lion teams. There are usually two performers in lion dance, one handling the lion’s head and the other playing the body and the tail. They perform all kinds of lion’s movements to the music played by gongs and drums.
In general, every lion team is trained by each village, and they always strut their stuff in the three days after New Year. At that time, lion teams which came from each village would wear the same clothes and wave flags to visit the local people. The villages or local residents  always give them warm welcome and show more excitement, because they believe that lion dance will bring their good luck and happiness. Before lion teams came to their house, people had already prepared firecrackers and red packets, in our Chinese tradition , people used to pack money with red paper as a gift during Spring Festival, and it means prosperous in a new year.
As a traditional customer, lion dance has a recorded history of more than 2,000 years. During the Tang Dynasty, the lion dance was already introduced into the royal family. We are so proud of witnessing the inheritance of culture, and I hope everyone can be the guardian of traditional culture.

Lion terms are leaving for villages nearby

Lion terms are performing and waving flags

An old man are watching lion dance

In my hometown, there will be a lion dance performance every year in the Lantern Festival.
2018/3/8 14:58:22