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Poverty is not a reason

2018/2/22 20:17:24
Poverty is not a reason
Last summer, I went to Beijing on business and met a mother and a son in Tiananmen Square. The more than 50-year-old son rides a tricycle and his mother sits in the car. Their costumes were earthy, dusty and out of tune with the bright surroundings.
I wondered, and asked the man, "Where did you come from?" "The man answered the voice is very light, but with full of pride:" ShanXi, Tricycle to! My mother's greatest wish is to look at the place where Chairman Mao lived, but the family is too poor, has not been able to achieve. Unconsciously, my mother already 70 don't come out again, hereafter have no chance again, I a bite to pedal the car to come. "
I was very surprised and asked:" Where are you sleeping? "
My mother sleeps in the car, I lay a mattress to sleep in the car." Came out, the daughter-in-law branded a lot of cakes, but also eat back. 
The old lady smiled contented, as if sitting instead of a shabby tricycle instead of a luxurious BMW Mercedes. I felt my eyes gradually blurred.
There are many factors in your life that will make you move forward, especially in poverty.In the face of the same dilemma, some people are able to move forward.Maybe everyone's innate condition is not equal, but god gives everyone the same chance.If your life is as hard as that son, will you still choose to fight?

Mother and son rest by the side of the road.

After the break, the son picked up his old mother.

He pedaled away from me on a tricycle.