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I was most impressed by the article

2018/2/22 21:40:49
I was most impressed by the article
When it comes to influential articles, my mind immediately emerges from Zhu Ziqing's The Sight Of Father's Back. 
"Back" This article is about Mr. Zhu Ziqing during his study in Beijing University, received the news of grandmother's death, from Beijing to Xuzhou and his father to go home to Yangzhou funeral. After the funeral, his father went to Nanjing to find a job, and he returned to Beijing to study, father and son in this Nanjing Pukou District farewell scene. The story of the father at the station to send his son off the description, showing the father of meticulous care for his son and the son of the infinite yearning for his father. 
The word "back" in the article in total used 4 times, the first time is the beginning of the article "Back", there is a nostalgic feeling. The second is at the station farewell scene, his father's "back" made a specific talk. Father fat body, wearing black cloth big jacket, dark cloth padded, stumbling over the fence for his son to buy oranges. This picture shows the father's deep love for his son, so that his son moved tears. The third time is the father and son farewell, the son looked at the father's back in the crowd gradually disappeared, in tears and appeared in the father's "back", showing the son of the father's missing. No flowery rhetoric, no rhetorical blinds, but this article is to impress me, for that ordinary and noble father and son Love and the deep father.

Zhu ziqing was leaving at the station with his father.

Zhu ziqing's father climbed over the fence and bought oranges.

Father bent his back and left the station.

As we grow up, the distance between us and our parents is getting farther and farther.
2018/3/12 14:54:13