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Ancient shoe making craft:Straw weaving

2018/2/28 20:21:42
Ancient shoe making craft:Straw weaving
Straw weaving is a kind of widely popular handicrafts. Some use of a variety of colored grass in advance, weaving a variety of patterns, while some are weaved completely than add the print decorative patterns. This kind of handicraft is economical and elegant.
In 2008 it has been selected for the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.
Straw weaving is widely distributed in China, the main producing areas are Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Henan and other places. Farmers and entertainers make use of the rich local resources of the local corn bran, grass mat, thatch and wheat straw. Woven into the hat, basket, slippers, handbags, carpets, sleeping mat and other daily necessities, variety of colors, good quality, full of simple and elegant style, popular both in China and abroad. In addition, the palm-knitted fabrics in Sichuan and the hemp-knitted fabrics in Zhejiang are also famous for their solid, wear-resistant, lightweight and comfortable traditional features.
Straw mat is refers to a mat made of pliable grass stems, this kind of mat can not be folded, only can be rolled up. But after improved grass mat, make it able to fold and storage.
Straw shoes is woven by straw, is the product of straw culture. The product process of straw shoes is very simple, just make the soles, and then twist straw together at the feet head, after that tied the heel with a straw robe. This shoes is cheap, make you walking light, and can be worn for daily work.

The straw basket

Artisans are weaving straw shoes

Straw shoes

Artisans are weaving straw mat

It can be called antique. Ha-ha~
2018/3/9 9:33:19