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The way of life

2018/2/26 2:25:11
The way of life
There are two kinds of people's life style. One is like grass, you are growing every year, although you are alive, but you are a grass. You absorb the rain and sunshine every day, but it is not long, people can step on you, but people will not suffer because of your pain, people will not because you have been trampled to pity you, because people do not see you. 
The other is living like a tree. Maybe at first you are nothing, but as long as you have the seeds of the tree, even if you are trampled in the soil, you can still absorb the nutrients of the earth, you grow up. Perhaps two years three years you are not big, but eight years, ten years, 20 years, you must be able to grow into towering trees. When you grow into towering trees, in faraway places, people can see you. Come to you, you can give people a green, a shade, you can help others, people leave you, look back, you are still a beautiful scenery line on the horizon. The tree, Living is the beautiful scenery, dead is still the pillar of the wood. Alive and dead are useful, this should be our life and talent standards.
We should live like trees.

Grass absorbs sun and rain, but not tall.

People do not pity grass when it is trampled on.

Everybody,should grow like a tree.

When you grow into a towering tree,far away, people can see you.