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Haven’t seen the stunning attractive library in China?It will definitely make you excited!

2018/8/8 1:28:50
Haven’t seen the stunning attractive library in China?It will definitely make you excited!
If a Japanese recently have a plan to China, it would be definitely at the priority of their traveling list.It had been so popular since recently, a Japanese sent a tweet concerning some fantastic pictures about it,which was bombarded with numerous comments on the internet.You may ask what it is that arouses so much attention in Japan.Well,it is Tianjin Binhai New Area Library!A wonderland for your eyes and brain.

The library was co-designed by MVRDV Architectural Design Office in Holland and Tianjin Urban Planning and Designing Academy Architectural Branch, based on the design conception of "The Eye of Binhai" and "There is no royal road to learning".

The library has 6 floors,which is hollowed out the entire building from the first floor to the third floor with an "eye" shape in which the “eyeball”is a spherical multi-functional exhibition hall, surrounded by pure white terraced shelves.

The circular curves are filled above the open-plan cultural space from inside to outside,like tier upon tier of terraces, meaning the inexhaustible ocean for culture.

The total construction area of Tianjin Binhai New Area Library is about 33700 square meters, and the main building inside is about 29.6 meters. Marvelously, the library can accommodate 1.2 million volumes of books.

The library-”The Eye of Binhai”,which is full of future sci-fi effects,once opened to the public.It was sweeping over the internet soon and praised by the vast number of Chinese netizens as "the most beautiful library in China".

According to the statistics,since millions of tourists are eager to appreciate the popular library,visitors from all over the country exceeds 20,000 every weekend.And the number is still increasing.

Surely in the future,the library will be one of the hottest tourist interests in Tianjin,with the name “The Eye of Binhai”sweeping over every corner of the world.Thus,if you have a chance to travel around Tianjin,don’t miss here!

The lobby of Tianjin Binhai New Area Library .

The appearance of Tianjin Binhai New Area Library

Spherical multi-functional exhibition hall of the “eyeball”

The open-plan cultural space filled with circular curves

The inner design of Tianjin Binhai New Area Library

OMG!Wonderful library!Thumb to designers.
2017/12/18 13:51:05