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Whatis a true friend?

2018/2/26 23:05:58
Whatis a true friend?
We meet all kinds of people in our lives, they may be our family members, our friends or strangers. All of them are the important part in our lives. Since the childhood, we know different people and make different friends for various reasons. But how many true friends do you have? Do you know that what is a true friend?
When we were students, the classmates who get along well with us are our friends. In addition to class, we often have lunch together or play games together. However, when we become office workers, some of friends we have just the partners in the interest relationship. With the increasing number of people who we know, we will gradually feel more and more alone because of the fewer and fewer true friends.
In my opinion, a true friend is that can keep in touch with us for a long time although we can’t meet together usually. Also, while we are happy or sad, the true friend is the first person who we want to share with.
Although many people have many friends in this society, they just have a few true friends. So do I. Therefore, please cherish the friends who really treat you, and those who you want to keep in touch forever.

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