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Let’s Wear long johns and go out to keep the virus away.

2017/12/28 11:42:25
Let’s Wear long johns and go out to keep the virus away.
When the whether becomes colder, our body begins to accumulate fat, the skin becomes thick and hair becomes longer and thicker. Here are some common sense we often hear about.

1.Drinking will make us feel warmer. The reason why you feel warm while drinking alcohol is that your blood vessels--dilate and send warm blood away from your core and towards your skin. The effect is only temporary and in the end significantly weakens your body's function of keeping out the cold.
2.Gingerbread is a must-have in winner.There's a reason we tend to associate gingerbread with the cold of wintertime--people traditionally believed that this herb has effect of stimulating the body and increasing blood circulation.
3.Meditating can make you feel warmer. Scientists in Singapore have discovered that core body temperature can be increased by using certain meditation techniques.
4.In low temperature the body works harder to warm itself up, not only burning more calories but also activating brown fat, which burns them more efficiently than white fat. 

Exposing to low temperatures does not always let you have a cold. Sickness and cold are so popular in winter typically stems from staying indoors for a long time, so that germs spread widely in the population. So we should go out to breath fresh air instead of receiving the virus indoor.

Winter is coming

Eating gingerbread cookies can keep people warm

remember to wear long johns

Winner is coming,I am going to find my long johns.
2017/12/12 17:38:54