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USAP - a impressive volunteer journey

2018/2/27 13:11:33
USAP - a impressive volunteer journey
How about your spring festival? From  February 21 to 14, I took part in a volunteer activity called USAP China 2018 held in Guangzhou's Shangri-La Hotel. United States Academic Pentathlon is the junior high school's version of United States Academic Decathlon. It includes five subjects of literature, language, art, science, social science and mathematics. With the history of 49 years, USAP boasts special way of team contests, thematic and  interdisciplinary contest contents and great academic value. Through distinct ways of contests, students can display their knowledge and skills in five academic spheres, giving full play to their potentials and problems-solving. I was allowed to be a part of the activity after the selection of personal resumes and phone interviews in December.  I am impressed by the number of volunteers. There are about 450 volunteers in the activity in such a great contest. About 1000 students from 50 junior high schools up to top levels. I has done several kinds of jobs as a receptor, judge, usher and prompter. Actually I needed to stand almost a day. It's just the feeling of leg aches that tortured me.
But after seeing many partners still keeping to their jobs, I told myself that I need to persist in. Although unaccusotmed to the place, I still felt happy to eat and work with my partners. I also know the importance of education when seeing many students pursue extracurriculum activities even though they have studied in a very good-quality schools. In retrospect, I found my childhood very dull and boring and spend time in improving and challging myself. And in this process, I also felt the warmth given by organizers and partners who comfort and encourage each other.  Thanks to this activity, I could feel the enthusiasm, warmth and energy among the volunteers and students. 


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volunteer work is so good for college students to accumulate experience and know more wonderful people,also enlarge your social circle and maybe you will find ur Mr.Right~
2018/3/8 15:01:56