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Traditional chinese medicine

2018/2/28 14:59:38
Traditional chinese medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine is an indispensable part of Chinese culture. It has made great contributions to the prosperity of China. Nowadays, both Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine are being used to cure people all around the world. The TCM, with its unique diagnostic methods, long history and remarkable effects, have been used to treat cancer and other serious diseases. Unlike the western medicine, the TCM has fewer side effects.

According to the survey data, TMC is used by 75% of the areas in China and has been very effective in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, liver cancer, tumors, and bone fracture and so on. Great successes have been made in many areas through TMC cure. As to acute abdomen, there is no need to have an operation; all you need to do is drink a cup of Chinese herbs,while the western way takes more time and money. You may even take the risk of being infected after operation.

Comparing with the western medicine high fees, TMC has a more reasonable price that ordinary people can afford. I think in the future, TMC will be the mainstream in the health services in China. And our country should invest more money on the development on TMC; make sure is not going to fade away.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is really miraculous!

Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the symptoms of a disease, tailoring treatments to the patient.

Chinese people have maintained their faith in Chinese medicine - despite the country's race to modernise.

With the growing tendency of Western medicine and natural therapies, which will also ethnic Chinese medicine and the development of Chinese medicine provided an opportunity.
2019/7/27 12:22:12
The treatment cycle of Chinese medicine is longer than that of Western medicine. But Chinese medicine is better in effect.
2018/3/8 15:04:13