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Do you agree with the point that “Life will not be wonderful without money”?

2017/12/28 14:43:10
Do you agree with the point that “Life will not be wonderful without money”?
The answer is “no”!
Life attitude doesn't have much to do with money!
Many young people have such a common problem. Before they go to bed there are lots of ideas and innovations in their minds that can change life and even change the world. But when he woke up on the second day, he would forget all about it, even he didn't remember it, he still go to work as usual, without any change.
Well, the reason why most people can not change is “no money” or “no confidence”, they need to earn a living salary, so they choose to do a job but put dreams, ideas, good life shelved temporarily.
But there are a lot of “youth” have multiple identities,  part-time Yoga coach, part-time English teacher, part-time bar singing, etc. They live seriously: never give up their dreams and also never give up their lives.
I try to find the right way of life, but there is no accurate answer. Because there is no “correct” life, you can chase what you want, the process is reward.  This moment is the best time. You live seriously and you treasure the time spent, these will make you a better person, it is the best reward for life.

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Pursue the life you want, stay where you want to stay

I agree with it.
2017/12/12 17:39:47