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When winter comes,fruit with yellow peels becomes more important to for the balance of nutrition.

2017/12/29 9:29:28
When winter comes,fruit with yellow peels becomes more important to for the balance of nutrition.
Speaking of fruit with yellow peels, you may naturally think of lemon, grapefruit, orange and so on. These fruits have two common characteristics.They are both acid and rich in vitamins. Although citrus fruits are not the king of VC contents in fruit, they actually reach 20~30 mg / 100 g, much more than that of pears (4~8 mg / 100 g) and apples (1~5 mg / 100 g). In addition, citrus fruits are also rich in dietary fiber, carotenoids, mineral potassium, etc.So enjoying them especially in winter is worthwhile.

And here is the deal.You may choose different citrus fruits under different circumstances.First of all, if you want less calories, you can choose grapefruits. If you dislike acidity, you can choose tangerines because the sugar content of tangerines is about 11%, and they are much sweeter than grapefruits. Moreover, the content of carotenoids of tangerines is higher than that of grapefruits. And if you think peeling grapefruits are pretty troublesome, you can choose tangerines. Compared with grapefruits,it is much easier to peel tangerines.If you even don’t want to peel anything, you can choose kumquats.They are small and can be eaten with the peels so that nutrients will not be wasted. But you must wash them before eating. Besides, no matter what kind of citrus fruits you enjoy, too much of them will backfire because citrus fruits are rich in sugar. Too much sugar may result in the physical discomfort. It may make your cells in the throat dehydrate due to osmotic pressure.Too much sugar will also bring high glycemic load (GL).In addition, some people might feel stomach discomfort or gingival aching. So,no matter how much nutrients it contains,having too much will definitely be a problem.

Apart from providing your body with the necessary nutrients, the peels of these fruits are also useful.For example,grapefruit peels can remove some odour smell; tangerine peels can be used for removing fishy smell or as dessert ingredients.

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But I am likely to be indicted to tangerines.Sometimes I can't help eating them and everytime I fetch one,there will be two,three,four of them...really hard to stop QAQ...
2017/12/4 15:07:41