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Thoughts for a new year.

2018/3/1 12:18:30
Thoughts for a new year.
2017 was a very extraordinary year for me.
I grew up a lot this year, and I knew something that seemed impossible, and it might happen suddenly.
I thought I could get the scholarship successfully, because my final grades were excellent, but the teacher gave the other student, his family was very hard. I'm not so depressed about it. Because I think he needs more help than I do. This year I know what kindness is.
I went to a lot of places, and I saw a bigger world, which inspired me to get my motivation to study hard to get a higher degree. I learned some professional skills and learned to make up, which made my life happier.
In 2017, I lost one of my relatives - my grandmother. Once she said she wanted to travel with me, suddenly a disease ended her life. After a period of sad time, I decided to take care of my parents more. I think my parents need more company. This year I learned to cherish everything I have.
In the next year, I hope I can have a good mood every day. It looks very simple, but it's the most difficult to achieve. I think the troubles in life will not disappear, but it will be reduced because of your attitude. I hope that I can rely on my own efforts to see the great scenery of my country. I hope I can be more responsible, no matter how difficult it is.

As individuals we can change the contour of a day, the mood of a moment, the way people feel. 

The decision to be patient or pleasant against all odds.