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Zhanjiang, a charming coastal city

2018/8/10 3:31:02
Zhanjiang, a charming coastal city
Located in the south of Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang is a charming coastal city that attracts a lot of tourists to come to visit. 
There are many seas in Zhanjiang. The seas are blue and the water is clean. While the sun is shining on the sea, the sea will have a layer of golden light. In summer, the seaside is the place where people come most often. Some parents take their children to swim in the sea, and some couples bask on the beach. The whole sea is full of people's laughter.
Speaking of Zhanjiang, of course, the topic of "seafood" can’t be separated. Fishing period is the busiest time for fishermen, and it is also the time when seafood harvests the most. There are many kinds of seafood here, like cabs, lobsters, raw oysters and so on. In Zhanjiang, the traditional method to cook seafood is to steam it. This method of eating is the best way to preserve the original flavor of seafood.
Although Zhanjiang's economy is not well developed, it is really a livable city. The weather is warm, and the air is fresh. There are not too many factories here, so the pollution is not serious. Besides, there are many rural towns in Zhanjiang, which are the closest to nature.
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