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The deep love from my father

2018/3/1 9:43:27
The deep love from my father
On the way to Harbin,I felt so sick in the train.When I woke up at midnight,I found my Dad sitting by me with tired eyes.At this very moment,I felt deeply that my Dad was becoming older.Looking at his eyes,I burst into tears. I really wondered how he felt when he returned home,just in the same train,taking 36hours for the long journey.Later on,I called him and asked this question.He just said:"It doesn't matter.All of you have done a good job.As your father,I am so proud."
The love between family members is precious only when we are parted,maybe.The love between my father and me is clearer,only when it is conducted by a three-thousand-kilometre-long phone line,and only then the bad time when we had some argument between us. These past few years,I felt regret for not understanding my Dad for so long.If only I were a good boy!M y Dad didn't demand that I should be very good at studying,never.He just hoped that I could live creatively.In my life,he sets a good example for me and teaches me how to study,how to be a good man and how to live in the world!
This is a very well-structured and reflective account of the relationship between a young man and his father.It has few mistakes in word order. But the simple style suits the subject.There is good use of detail in small incidents such as the father carrying the boy on his shoulders and the train journey.

Always thought that the real fatherly, is broad and deep, subtle and soft.

Finally, I know that father's love isn't sometimes as meticulous as mother's love. Sometimes maybe it is a little short of gentle sense.

I lost my hero, my father, a man who was my friend.