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Did your life be controlled by micro-blog?

2018/2/28 20:07:04
Did your life be controlled by micro-blog?
In China, QQ is the first tool for people to communication on the Internet, but as the development of the technology, more and more communication tools have come into being. Recently, a software named micro-blog is very popular, people can share their personal information and keep an eye on someone they are interested. With the emergence and popularity of smartphones, the frequency of people using mobile phones is getting higher and higher, and the time spent playing micro-blog is becoming more and more. Most people get used to it, they can’t move their eyes away from it. Don’t let the Internet control your life.
When you are waiting for the bus, if the bus is not coming, you may look around the people around you, you can find that most of them are lower their heads, watching their cell phones. The young generation likes to refresh micro-blog so as to keep in touch with the newest amusement. They are addicted to the technological products, ignoring things around them.
Many years ago, it was predicted that the robot would take place of human being, actually it won’t, but it seems that the technological products will. People should control the time of using such product, just raise your head, the world is much interesting than the Internet world. So don’t let micro-blog control your life.

So don’t let micro-blog control your life.

The update of information is so fast that people can't move their eyes away.