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Have you ever seen a restaurant built in a container?

2018/2/28 20:35:00
Have you ever seen a restaurant built in a container?
The scenic spots in the area use the natural resources on the mountain, planting lavender on the flat top, and the thousands of acres of flowers and aromatic towns under the mountain are also in construction. In order to meet the needs of visitors, it is necessary to set up a tourist reception center on the top of the mountain and provide catering service and cliff view.
In order to reduce the destruction of the mountain and save the cost of construction, and the base port adjacent to Qingdao and other coastal ports, there are a large number of waste containers. The peak is relatively flat and convenient for hoisting and lifting of large hoisting machinery. Therefore, containers are designed to build restaurants.
The restaurant building is renovated by 67 two sizes of discarded containers. The largest part of the restaurant is made up of 52 containers. The other is a visitor center composed of 4 containers and 11 distributed container kiosks.
China is the largest country in the production of containers and a big container elimination country. Because the container overhaul cost is very high, the traditional approach is the old container idle at the dock or recycled steel, but this approach is neither economic nor environmental protection. Container, which has complete internal space and good structural state, can be reused if it is rebuilt as building component or building unit. It has good environmental protection effect.

Improve the performance of the container and create a comfortable indoor experience.

It has good environmental protection effect.