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A tea room suited to the needs of modern people

2018/2/28 20:43:07
A tea room suited to the needs of modern people
Since ancient the tea culture is loved by the literati. This is a tea house with the purpose of inheriting Chinese tea culture, striving to fit the needs of modern people in innovation, and interior design combines aesthetics and simplicity, bringing a quiet and comfortable shared space for numerous cities.
The building is rectangular clear outline, hidden in the woods like natural masterpiece. The marble is stable and the glass is pure. The facade of this collocation is very harmonious, which makes the architectural modeling permeate the modern flavor. The interior is the extension of the whole building, with wood, bamboo and marble, simple materials and simple lines to create a sense of stability. The whole hue of the tea room is simple and soft. It combines the traditional elements of Taihu stone, lantern, painting and art.
The overall space custom furniture and lights, and indoor temperament combined, reflecting the Chinese style of balance. Teahouse has low furniture, and modern furniture, the color is simple, material is wood, the ancient flavor and new meaning provided a contemporary interpretation for the inheritance of Chinese culture. Six stones are placed on a black mirror platform that mimics the reflection of the water; it is an art device that separates the semi-private space from the teahouse. In the natural background of the black frame glass, the interior line design echoes the impression of the longitudinal lines of the woods outside the hall.

Modern people also need to sit down and drink a cup of tea.

Taste the tradition in the modern environment.