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I don't think you'll refuse such a restaurant.

2018/2/28 20:55:03
I don't think you'll refuse such a restaurant.
The restaurant used to be an idle terrace, in an environment surrounded by old buildings, and a sharp contrast to the noisy city of the outside. Therefore, design decisions starting from the combination of natural and industrial atmosphere; create a "Green Island in the city".
The restaurant has the letter "L" type, and the space is divided into three categories: outdoor, indoor public space and private room, creating small spaces with different ambience in the same large space.
The overall design of the bamboo and plants as the main element, before the construction in advance let vine growth, by the time of completion, the creeper has covered the outer net completely, Bamboo, net and vines, the sun through the three, can be due to changes in time, weather and circulation, With the external sound of water, the multilevel sensory experience, such as the visual, hearing, and so on, is given to the people who eat.
There is a completely different dining room in the daytime and night restaurants.
The daytime restaurant is a floating fresh Island, and at night it is the enchanting light and shadow space. Simulate the starry sky, with the screen and smog pattern between the meals as a partition. Close the relationship between people and people, and at the same time guarantee the privacy.

The environment is elegant and comfortable and the light is quiet and romantic.

In such a chic environment, the dishes are very good.