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To spend the “golden week” on the road

2018/3/1 10:52:02
To spend the “golden week” on the road
The 7-days-long holiday is entitled “Golden Week” by the Chinese government to celebrate the most important festival in China: The Spring Festival. The past decade has witnessed private cars from luxuries to common equipment, as well as the Chinese people celebrate Spring Festival from traditional ways to modern ones. Nowadays, more and more people choose to celebrate the Spring Festival Golden Week to travel by driving their own cars with families.

From my personal angle alone, driving your own car is a worthwhile way to try when you decide to travel. Why?

The initial reason lies in that driving your own car is liberal. Compared with joining a travel agency, driving makes your touring time more flexible. Imaging, when you are driving along the national roads, the setting sun paints the trees, remote mountains with a golden glory, you could stop the car whenever you want and enjoy the scene. However, if you are a member of a travel group, your schedule is beyond your decision.

Another reason I suggest self-driving tourism is that it enhances the family bonds, emotionally. On the road, only family members are in the car, they could exchange more private thoughts with each other, they could make jokes which only involving family members, they could hug and kiss without any hesitating. Obviously, the emotional connections would become closer because of words and contact during this tour.

Therefore, let’ s take our families and try to spend the “Golden Week” on the road!

If condition permits, self-driving tour would be wonderful, you don't have to book traffic tickets and wait for time table, you almost can travel to the place whenever you want.

A road trip into the country can be a leisurely drive that lets you enjoy the scenic view.