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Lost in Disneyland

2018/7/31 8:11:44
Lost in Disneyland

Disneyland is the world’s biggest entertainment park, it was created by Walt Disney. Nowadays, many children like to go to Disneyland and have fun for a day. Last year, my family went to Hong Kong and we spent a day in it. It was such a good memory for me.

When I went to Hong Kong, I felt so excited, because I wanted to go to Disneyland for a long time, and this time my dream finally came true. Before I came to the entrance, I saw the big pictures of the Disneyland world and the classic cartoon characters. They were so lovely. When I got to the Disneyland world, there were so many people, the atmosphere was so lively. 

I was so impressed by the amusement equipments. As the music was playing, I felt myself was in the wonderland.  I saw the pumpkin car, the wooden horse, the Ferris wheel and so on. I played all the amusement equipments and felt so satisfied. The most excited thing was to see the parade. I saw my favorite Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters.

I had a great day in the Disneyland world. 

I spent hours there. It was like having my own Disneyland next door.

The rain was pouring, the skies were a murky gray and Mickey’s magic wasn’t working on the visitors cursing and scampering for cover at Hong Kong Disneyland.

A few years ago at Disney World, my mom told another woman that she “liked her earring”.