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A board game that can improve logicality has been widely spreaded in China.

2018/3/1 15:15:43
A board game that can improve logicality has been widely spreaded in China.
Have you ever heard of a popular board game named 'Kill the werwolf'?It's a kind of puzzle game that needs us to conduct a series of hypothesises and inferences.Therefore,through this process,our logicality can be improved to a great degree.The rules of the game are as follow.
The basic rolls include civilian,werwolf,witch,guard,prophet,God,huntsman.And if the amount of players is large,there can be Cupid,little girl,werwolf king and so on.God is the leader of the game.Except for werwolf,other rolls are all belong to good people team,while werwolves are thought to be bad people.
Every night,all players are required to close their eyes.First,the werwolves open their eyes after hearing the instruction of  God and choose any one player to kill.Secondly,guard opens his eyes and chooses a player to protect.If werwolves  and guard happen to choose the same play,the play can avoid death.Then,phophet opens his eyes and he can choose any one player to check his identity.Next,God will ask witch if he would like to bring the dead back to life or not.At the same time,the witch also has right to put down poison to any one player.
After all these routines are finished,God will says 'It's dawn!',and now everyone can open their eyes.Then,God announces who died last night or nothing happened last night.Subsequently,all alive players discuss and vote to select who has the the biggest suspicion to be werwolf.The player who gains the most votes will be banished.If all the werwolves are banished,the game ends and good people get the victory.If not,God will say 'It's getting dark.Close your eyes.' and all the routines will be repeat again and again.When the game comes to the end,if any one werwolf  is still living and he kills all good people,the bad people get victory.
After hearing my introduction,are you interested in this puzzel board game?Maybe you can try to play with your friends when you have a party. And nowadays,some APPs about this game are coming out,so you can also experience it on your mobile phone.

'Kill the werwolf' is now getting popular all over China.

It's a great board game that suits to be played at party.

All characters are distributed at random through drawing lots.

I've played the game before and i think it really asks the wonderful acting skills... 
2018/3/8 14:56:56
Mackenzie @ Ning : I've watched a TV program in which people play the game and I think it is very interesting!
Ning @ Mackenzie : For many times I hope I won't be the wolf but...always...