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Are We More Connected Or More Alone?

2018/8/1 9:12:45
Are We More Connected Or More Alone?
We live in an era with the rapid development of information when almost everyone is influenced by modern communication tools. People are fond of all kinds of social software. As we all know, there are 24 hours a day. If someone spends his free time mostly on social software, he may chat with the people around less. If you ask me the question " are you more connected or more alone?" , it will be a little difficult for me to answer. Nevertheless, I am willing to have a try.
Firstly, I think we are more connected with our kith and kin. All we know, people hold great senses of belonging in intimate relationships, which makes us take pleasure in expressing ourselves to our kith and kin. And we have face-to-face affective interaction if distance is close while we chat online when distance is so far. As a result, social software makes it convenient for us to be more connected.
Secondly, we are more alone in strange places with strangers around in real life. We always want to escape when we feel great unfamiliar in some places. In such a moment, we often turn to our smart mobilephone to chat with net friends or play games, which make us ignore the people around. Meanwhile, we push ourselves away from the crowd, which makes us more alone than the time we don't have smart mobilephone.
Thirdly, we are more connected with strangers we never meet with on line. Sometimes we even make friends with them. We chat with common interests, share opinions on the same thing and even encourage each other through the Internet.
In conclusion, I think we are more connected. Although the online world is a virtual world, we share true impressions through it most times.

Yes,you are right and I think the balance between online world and reality is very important for people to handle their relationships.
2018/3/8 14:51:24