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Why is the Fried Crayfish so popular in China?

2017/12/29 9:46:53
Why is the Fried Crayfish so popular in China?
Crayfish, also known as Procambarus clarkii, occupies plates of snack bars in recent years because of its omnivorousness and strong adaptability to environment. It even comes across all over the world and everyone’s stomach becomes the slaves of the delicious crayfish.Some places in Europe and the United States even have the phenominon of crayfish flooding.Oh,dear friends in Europe and America, there is nothing for you to worry about as long as you ask your Chinese friends to sit at your dinner table.

In China, crayfish is a red star in recent years. If you’ve been to China, you will find that snack bars serving you with Fried Crayfish are everywhere. You will be warmly introduced to a snack bar or roadside stalls with plates of Fried Crayfish. So you may wonder why the Fried Crayfish is so popular in China.

Well,in my view, the Fried Crayfish in spicy flavor is indeed a representative of the culture of midnight snack.More than that, it also greatly improves the quality of the gathering. If you are a guy,because of enjoying the crayfish with your hands, when you want to go somewhere, you will definitely have that spicy flavor in your pants. Guess you know what I am talking about.So the restroom time is very likely to be skipped. At the same time, you also don’t have hands free for your mobile phones, then quality of the gathering can be truely improved.In order to avoid getting distracted by mobile phones during the gathering, some people even make the rule that one who touches his phone first will pay the bill. Actually, enjoying the crayfish becomes the absolutely wonderful solution for being distracted by phones when people have a gathering.

At present in China, crayfish are particularly popular in the eastern coastal areas, and many people who are crazy about the Fried Crayfish age from 20-29. They generally enjoy parties and midnight gatherings.Friends sitting around, without the interference of mobile phones, only being emerged in that atmosphere in which you can taste the fun of chatting and being around with friends.So,everyone,ask your friends out for a feast of Fried Crayfish and have fun without the interruption of your phone.

Delicious Fried Crayfish in spicy flavor

Hope your saliva are rushing out right now!

A snack bar with wall painting of crayfishes

2018/7/19 23:26:25
starexpress @ Qimxing : A greedy Kitty. 
2018/7/19 23:26:08
These crayfish in picture are so attractive. I can't wait for the next summer, a midseason for crayfish.
2018/2/12 10:49:51
Crazy in China?Is it really spicy?It seems that many Chinese people love spicy food.And they produce the awesome Sichuan source!!!
2017/12/4 15:10:43