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The University I Work in Wenzhou

2018/3/4 21:53:10
The University I Work in Wenzhou
       Just like many other universities, the university I work in also encourages students to rate their teachers. Wenzhou Business College, formally named as City College of Wenzhou University which was regarded as the“China’s most high level independent college” ever established.  Currently it is the only Business-oriented undergraduate college in the southern part of Zhejiang Province. The International School of the College has established co-operation relationship with international university unions and over thirty well known institutions home and abroad. All system official information and daily mail exchange are in English, some teachers and foreign teachers are foreigners, so I directly exercise English listening, speaking and writing ability; from a practical point of view as an important part of an excellent manager. Set up UAV venture studio; take them to study abroad and exchange of foreign exchange, on a good platform, opened up my thinking and vision, won the national mentor award - National UAV students aerial contest "excellent instructor" Honor and so on. After graduation, I stayed in Information Engineering Institute as a teacher, and gained great understanding and improvement in computer ability and Internet information technology.
       When I talked about my frustration with my colleague, who had more teaching experience than I, he gave me several pieces of pedagogical advice. First of all, he told me that he knew that many of the students I taught were overachievers. These brilliant students probably would like to have their lessons at a relatively quicker pace, so that they would feel that they are actually learning something. This is indeed very insightful observation, since I had been worried about whether my students could follow up, so I may have made some unnecessary reiterations students may have found very boring. Second, he also advised me to interact more with my students. Since I gave an English language lesson, there is not a more effective way of teaching than engaging the students as much as possible. For example, when I gave an interpretation lesson, I should let students impersonate a foreign businessman in China, his Chinese counterpart and their interpreter. 
      Students may find this much more interesting. In retrospect, my lesson was not lively at all for I just let students practice Chinese to English interpretation and English to Chinese interpretation sentence by sentence. Third, he told me that I should give the students a chance to shine. Some students may wish to distinguish themselves somehow in the class. So instead of letting students remain anonymous, I should let the students make presentations in front of the class from time to time, so that they can share with the rest of class their insightful understanding of English language and culture. Their ideas may bounce off other students and inspire them. I found his advice particularly useful. 

The only thing I know about wenzhou is that the dialect is so difficult for me to understand...
2018/3/16 14:22:37