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The Volunteer Activities I enjoy inthe Challenge Cup

2018/3/4 22:00:35
The Volunteer Activities I enjoy inthe Challenge Cup
      In November 2015, as head of student and project manager, I led the Challenge Cup - a team that has been awarded the "Compatibility Study of Green Mountain with Jinshan Silver Mountain" won the 14th Challenge Cup National Academic Competition National first prize of good grades, and at the same time won the Zhejiang Provincial Challenge Cup Grand Prize, Best Creative Award, Wenzhou University fifth Challenge Cup Grand Prize and other honors.During the eight-month competition, I and my group members collected water samples, conducted data tests, conducted summer surveys, and engaged the corporate environmental protection departments of 90 mother rivers in 90 counties and cities in Zhejiang Province in Zhejiang Province jobs. Based on the existing water quality data, combined with its own economics major and per capita GDP data of various regions in Zhejiang Province, an effective policy is put forward through the empirical analysis for the compatibility between water resources protection and economic development in Zhejiang and other provinces Suggest. During the competition, as a Wenzhou University student, again and again public defense let me continue to grow, I learned perseverance, the courage to challenge, the details determine the success or failure, and the province and even the country thousands of colleges and universities for academic research and impact, At the same time, we have made great achievements in reaching out and reaching many new and tech-savvy young people who have ideas and innovations.
    And be able to have the honor to participate in such academic competitions, go to a higher and stronger platform for development, and more to thank my three years of school career and mission Learning comrades in arms: I still remember that in May 2013, I was a student cadre in sophomore year and followed the volunteer activities of the school teachers in "bringing home the water and keeping the heart together." We made use of the convenience of students returning to their hometowns during the holiday season of May 1 to arrange volunteers to go to their mother river for water samples collection. As a CYL cadre, my comrades and my comrades have taken water year after year. They persist in carrying out the phase one and phase one volunteer training and again and again with the Wenzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the water abstraction department. We Traveled all the waters of Zhejiang, only a clear mother river.
   In the volunteer activities, I constantly innovate, from the original to Comrade Xia Baolong, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee wrote a letter to the summer vacation each year to lead the summer social practice college water team, the residents around the valley to conduct research and interview, at the same time, our team We will continue to apply science and technology to environmental protection activities, volunteer registration through WeChat, questionnaire data collection and editing, water video entry! As a practicing member, I really feel the protection and care of Mother River as a young volunteer!

College time is so good and students are active and young.After graduation,I spend too much time on my work and less time in chatting with myself.
2018/3/16 14:18:33