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The Popular Chuanbei Loquat Cream

2018/3/4 22:10:06
The Popular Chuanbei Loquat Cream
                These two days, is the popular Chuanbei loquat cream. In the United States across the Atlantic, people are plagued by flu this winter. As we all know, the cold is no cure, to relieve cough and other symptoms of the product so popular. "Chuanbei loquat cream was berserk in North America" ??"Amazon website loquat paste soaring prices" ... ... similar titles recently heard. The actual situation how? Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed the most sought after New York and Los Angeles pharmacies for Chuanbei loquat cream.
              The source of this wave of news is the Wall Street Journal on the 22nd of a story. Reportedly, some people suffer from cough, and after the introduction of Chuanbei loquat cream, 15 minutes to bear fruit. Biography of a hundred pass, loquat cream fire. In fact, this report uses the supplement, remedy (supplement), not medicine (medicine) description of Chuanbei loquat cream. Its pharmacodynamic description is relatively neutral, not blindly touted. Appear in a number of foreign netizens comments are all Chuanbei loquat cream spilled words, and even some people contrary to common sense to claim even after taking their own cancer symptoms have eased. This report has a positive effect on the sales volume of Chuanbei's loquat cream in the United States.
               In fact, in the past few days I have also sold some products that are as effective as Chuanbei Pi Pa Gao. When attending a confirmation test of a Chinese friend in New York and Los Angeles, they both said they had not heard of the popularity of Chubeibe loquat cream. They also asked reporters whether the matter was genuine or not. Pen Heng money ah ha ha! However, the survey found that 330 ml of Chuanbei Pi Pa Gao sells for $ 6 at pharmacies in Manhattan's Chinatown in New York City, while the online sales platform for Wal-Mart is priced at $ 13.29 on Amazon.com and is now priced at $ 13.99 on Amazon, which is currently stable. For the majority of Chinese people, Chuanbei loquat cream can be said to be very familiar with family standing.Of course, in the use of various taboos must also be noted, and the amount is also a rule.
              The Wall Street Journal quoted a pulmonary medicine specialist at Columbia University Medical Center as saying that taking herbal products, whether taken with other drugs, overdosed or in place of prescription drugs, could pose a health risk. The expert said many people may not tell their doctor they are taking Chuanbei Pi Pa Gao, which may interfere with the effectiveness of other prescription drugs. Therefore, it is necessary to remind the majority of American friends that, although loquat cream is good, it is not a panacea, but should be used scientifically!

I never know that it is popular...
2018/3/16 14:16:53