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The College Entrance Examination is coming

2018/3/7 21:41:44
The College Entrance Examination is coming
The made-or-break College Entrance Examination can always draw public attention. If you are a high student now, I hope that you can maintain a position mindset. No matter what are you facing or what are you going to face, I hope that you never have the idea of giving up.Today, there are less than 100 days before the College Entrance Examination, but I am already a freshman student. In other word, I went through the College Entrance Examination half a year ago. To be honest, it left me with many unforgettable memories. If now I could go through it again, I will study harder than I did then.
Owing to till today, I understand my parents' good intentions. But I want to ask you, do you believe in fate? This is not a question of superstition. Now at this moment, I finally understand " while fate creates us, we are also creating destiny." 
When times get hard, you can always turn to your chart and see how far you have come. You can say loudly that you are happy, because you have more chances to challenge yourself. You can cry, but you can't give up.
The road under your feet is long and wide. So, there's no need to think too much now. Because only when you work hard can you become lucky. Finally, I hope you, a grade three high school students, can fly your dream in July   

whenever times get hard, you can't give up

Tell yourself you can do it

So for serious efforts at that moment you live

I hold the complicated feeling to the college entrance exam and I know everyone does.
2018/3/14 14:43:10
Nietzsche @ Monica : Every ordinary high school student
Monica @ Nietzsche : Yeah,but I think Chinese education should turn to diversification and be more student-oriented.And the college eduaction also has some problems.
Nietzsche @ Monica : well,I agree with you.so there is still a long way to go reform the education system
Monica @ Nietzsche : Yeah,hope it would be better.