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Yongxingfang, city wall and me

2018/3/11 8:49:59
Yongxingfang, city wall and me
Now, I am studying in Xi’an as a college student. One day, I suddenly wanted to know the city. As the saying goes,”Do what one says.”
So, this weekend, my friend and I walked out of the campus to the ancient city wall of Xi’an. With the development of China’s economy, the way of going out is becoming more and more convenient. But the long distance also can make us tired. Instead of staying in the dorm, go for a walk, with a person who are your like-minded friend. That’s so nice, isn’t it?
We ate some snacks at Yongxingfang. But, I have to admit that I really don’t like this local flavor, which is so salty for me. When we were walking in the alley, time seemed to be standing still. I wish I could be better, while the time is still. But time doesn’t stand still, and I’m still struggling to get better.
When we came to the city wall, that feeling was a shock. We saw a young person running there, several couples taking wedding photos, even someone pushing a stroller. So, the shock came from time too. The clock is ticking, but you’re still delusional. I hope one day I will let myself go.
I don’t know what will happen in the future, so all I can do is to go forward.

Magnificent castle walls

a couple is taking wedding photos

A local snack, which is a little salty

Xi'an is a good city with ancient flavors.But I think most people have no idea that how to appreciate it because they simply take selfies which shows they've been here and then nothing.
2018/3/14 10:24:39
Nietzsche @ Mackenzie : We have been here before
Mackenzie @ Nietzsche : Yeah,great that you guys were there and i am just thinking what kind of role that these tourist attractions play in modern poeple's lives.
Nietzsche @ Mackenzie : I think they are gifts of time.
Mackenzie @ Nietzsche : nice.Imagination brings people pleasure.When you go there,imagine yourself a person in ancient times and that feeling might be interesting haha.
Nietzsche @ Mackenzie : So, If we have chances, we should go out more ofen.