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The most painful thing before graduation is THESIS !!!

2018/3/13 20:52:40
The most painful thing before graduation is THESIS !!!
You may feel funny when I told you that I , as a undergraduate, have written my thesis for a half of a year. I can't describe how I feel to you. What I feel deceived by my tutor is even after I have spent lot of time in the thesis which is to be published, I still need to take part in the thesis defense. I want to have a review of my thesis. At first, I had changed my research topics and literature reviews several times. I have found some difficult points that I never encountered before. When I finally decided on my topic and literature reviews, I suddenly know there are many teaching theories raised by many excellent authors at home and abroad for many years. These theories also have played an important role in the development of teaching theories and practice. What's more, as I study further and further, I know the roles of teachers are so important to the development of children and youths.  So if you are on the road to become senior students, you must learn from my mistakes and make enough preparations for your thesis to alleviate your anxious feelings and make progress from this process. I can understand most of you have the tendency of  procrastination. For me, I am quite a self-desciplined person in the learning of English subjects. But when at home after a semester's hard study in the school, I am inclined to become a procrastinator. Actually I have felt discouraged at handling the thesis' problems, so I tend to delay several days to correct it, which I will become very tired and painful. I even cried when my tutor told me that I needed to revise as soon as possible. So if you suffer from the tortures brought by thesis, just think that every one of us have to encounter them form time to time. So how to fight agaist the   procrastination. We should make a specific plan of our thesis at different stages.  We need to keep a habit of writing little by little. We tend to think we can finish the whole thesis at one day, which is impossible for any one even the famous scholars. So we need to be practical by persisting in writing. Actually,  we need to accept the universal truth that nothing is perfect. In the college, we hardly have a chance to do such a big project like thesis that will  have undergone  many merticulous revisions. It may be the only time in our college that our tutors would be strict with us and teach us lots of things that will be conducive to our future. So please cherish the opportunity to have an in-depth communication with our tutors. Don't be a procrastinator.


I am mad with the thesis.

One of the most painful thing in life.

i agree with you so much!
2018/3/14 17:09:28