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Should celebrities earn too much money?

2018/3/13 21:51:47
Should celebrities earn too much money?
During my childhood, I was attracted by the stunning looks of actors because of their dramas. But as time goes by, I find many dramas become more and more tedious and monotonous and feel more disgusted at some actings. In the past year,  netizens became furious and stunned by the high payments of some famous actors and actresses. For example, in the Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, the rumor has that the actor and actress would get 100 million yuan in return for their role-plays. However, the payment American cast gain accounts for  about 10%-30% of the total revenues  while Chinese cast takes up 50%-70%.  So I think  most celebrities don't deserve such high rewards in China. Two years ago, some netizens worried that most of us pay more attention to Huang xiaoming's wedding ceremony than Tu youyou who won the Nobel prize at the same time. Actually, those scientists who contribute much of their life to the development of China but gain less in return in many fields tend to be neglected in our life. They need to be promoted and learnt for their selfless spirits. However, some of us are inclined to be affected by the luxurious life of some stars and learn from them by investing lot of time in being online celebrities instead of improving ourselves in a more profound way. I want to ask you when comparing the TV series about praising the famous scientists and prominent authors and trendy stars, which will you choose?  For me,  I am ashamed of my choice and reflect more on our society. Celebrities can earn what they deserve but not too much because if most of the money are spent in investing the acting industries, how much will be spent in the long-term development such as alleviating poverty and protecting environment. The related govermental institutions should take some urgent measures to deal with the problems instead of letting it run its course.



Something needs to be changed.Entertainment means too much now in Chinese people's lives and that is not right! 
2018/3/14 10:07:15