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The most popular utility software for travel in China——Tripadvisor

2018/3/18 22:18:25
The most popular utility software for travel in China——Tripadvisor
Why do I want to share this software with you today? In fact, for many foreign friends, the use of Chinese-language software, such as the US Mission, Tueniu, and Ctrip, is very laborious and can hardly help foreigners in China. As a Chinese, I often travel abroad. Tripadvisor's software brings together travel information from more than 190 countries and regions around the world. He truly helps friends from all over the world to travel and has a variety of language conversions. The function!
"A TripAdvisor Cat Quest" China WeChat subscription number was established in July 2013 and has now accumulated more than 1.4 million fans. Most of the fans have come from the site diversion. With almost 100,000 readings, click on 'View - Search Nearby' on the menu bar to check nearby restaurants, hotels or attractions. In order to facilitate foreign users, Tripadvisor’s Chinese and English website “City Express” was also launched in 2015. In addition to the website, Tripadvisor has also developed mobile phones and tablet PCs to facilitate user use and provide users with more comprehensive travel information.
After 16 years of development, TripAdvisor has set up sub-stations in 48 countries and regions in the world and covers 28 languages. It is easy to search and view travel information of destinations both during planning and traveling. Local hotels, attractions, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, etc., powerful hotel search and price comparison functions find you the right place to stay. In addition, each merchant will display the nearest subway station. If you encounter a language barrier when you ask for directions, you can also show it directly to the hotel staff or the driver using the local language address displayed on the Cat App. It can be said that there is a cat passer APP in hand, I believe your journey will be more peace of mind.
TripAdvisor Cat has always attached great importance to the localization of website content. In order to better serve the growing number of Chinese outbound travel groups, it is easier to obtain wisdom from global tourists. In the form of "crowdsourcing," they called up English review content on the Chinese traveler's voluntary translation website. More than 10,000 volunteers who are passionate about travel languages ??have joined the event. Over 1 million popular destinations have been translated into high-quality Chinese. These valuable contents are not only for travel in China. The result is a better reading experience and more references for planning, booking and travel.

So if I go to another countries,I can use it.Thanks for your recommendation!
2018/3/20 9:30:07