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My trip to Sanya

2018/3/18 22:25:06
My trip to Sanya
January 17, 2018 came to Sanya, today is already on the 21st, stayed in Sanya for 4 days, and my school colleagues learned a lot, eat a lot, play a lot, see a lot of different things .First of all, there are many differences between Sanya and the mainland. The average daily temperature in Shanghai is about 1-5 degrees, and the cold humidity on the coast is absolutely no less than minus 10 degrees in the north. It allows you to taste the cold winter of the skin. At the same time, I learned to gain something. I had a lot of things that I didn't want to understand before the company's management and operation. However, after a word from another person, they may wake up. There is also a harvest, that is happiness, to bring happiness to people around them. A long time ago, I always thought that my happiness needs to be obtained from the outside. For example, I need to watch comedies to be happy, or I need to be happy with people who are humorous.
 In the past few days in Sanya, the leaders took us to eat a lot of delicious, there is coconut rice, seafood, fruit, big fish and big meat. First share the experience of eating seafood, mainly about the process of last night. We drive three hours from Sanya to the Port of Fishing Pier and eat seafood. It is said that this was the place where they had eaten seafood five years ago. It tasted delicious, so we drove over to eat seafood and stayed one night because we came back that night. late. The correct posture for eating seafood is not to find a restaurant for the owner to cook a table of fish and prawn, but to personally go to the pier to buy the fresh seafood just recovered, and it must be alive, or the day just went to the sea, because Only this is fresh enough. When I was a kid, I grew up in the north. I really don't know about seafood. I only know shellfish, fish, and shrimp. I didn't expect to know more than 90% of aquatic products. The last time I went to Guangzhou to eat a oyster, I know that oysters delicious, but this time the first time I really buy oysters to cook, we must bring my parents to Sanya to play once.
 At the same time, I have seen many advance tourism and tourism experiences that the tourism industry in the Mainland has failed to achieve. In my own previous conception, I believe that as long as it is a scenic spot, it is a pit tourist business. When you come, I will kill you. Once, because nobody knows whether or not they will come next time. Businesses do not expect travelers to return business. However, in Sanya, there are many scenic spots that are not only worth appraising, but also the service process does not have to be bad outside. The products are explained, experienced, introduced, and logistics delivery is very complete. Everybody buys a very sour and refreshing product. Feeling cheap, a group of 53 people spent about 20,000 yuan in a shopping shop.
 When he was led by the guide to the coffee experience area, everyone was ready to be brainwashed and induce shopping. At this time, Ah Mei, who introduced the product, said that the product was eaten free of charge, free drink, and not limited. The entire process exceeds the perception of scenic shopping before the period. Sanya tourism development is indeed better than the mainland, whether it is in service, price, or shopping, will give people a feeling that people want to come again, so Sanya has become one of the best tourist cities in China.

What does the last picture means?There are some words on the scarecrows.
2018/3/20 9:21:22