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My Student's Dessert Shop - Juliana Cake Shop

2018/3/18 22:30:42
My Student's Dessert Shop - Juliana Cake Shop
In the place where I work—Wenzhou, Zhejiang, my student self-employed and opened a cake shop with elegant color design—— Juliana Sweet Shop, which has a focused use of lighting, suitable music, and The most intimate service! All the materials produced in the shop are of high-quality raw materials. Although the appearance is very simple, the interior is extremely luxurious and very delicious. The owner is also constantly improving, the egg skin layered, using pure milk and eggs modulation, without a little water, Milk is rich in flavor. Each layer is stuffed with mangoes. After the cut, the mangoes inside are spilled out and the price is very affordable. At 5 or 6 in the afternoon, there is often a group of students in the surrounding schools who are lining up to buy.
Anna's cake shop can be said that the color of the store is not a fixed pattern, but the warm colors of orange and yellow are used to highlight the warmth of the cake shop itself. For example, the walls and decorative paintings in the picture above, although the use of black and white collocation, to create an elegant atmosphere, but the seats, carpets and floors, or choose the yellow line, it is a small carrying the love and dreams of my students shop. There is also a relaxing seating area in the store, some comfortable seats, several flowers with fragrance, three or five outlets and cable connectors, and several new fashion magazines in the month... The atmosphere can completely ease the tension of the customers, let them stop and experience the beauty of life.
Secondly, occasionally the store will also play music to render the atmosphere of the store, not only creating an atmosphere, soothing the customer's mood, but also cater to customer psychology, promoting brand culture, and alleviating staff fatigue. Occasionally, occasional shops for youth groups can play some popular music; elegant shops can play classical music or pure music. At the same time, the store can also play some corresponding short videos through TV and other devices, so that customers can relax and enjoy our products.
Intimate clerk, attentive service, most of the clerk standing to receive guests, long standing will make people shoulder pain, waist and numbness, which is a arduous challenge to the clerk's physical strength, for this, the clerk's health and strength Has become a prerequisite for quality service. In the daily sales and hospitality work, the clerk not only meets the customer with a full spirit, but also has a decent and generous manner.From this we can see that the atmosphere of Anna's cake shop is an extremely complex and meticulous project. However, in this "service experience first", the atmosphere construction should be valued by everyone. The bosses may wish to learn from others, learn more about the experience of outstanding colleagues, or listen more to the suggestions of customers and let your cake shop take root in the hearts of customers.

I really wanna try to make cake by myself.I think it is wonderful with lots of fun.
2018/3/20 9:19:24