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The First Step to China - Learn to Eat withChopsticks

2018/3/18 23:10:40
The First Step to China - Learn to Eat withChopsticks
When foreigners come to China, a country with a thousand-year history, one of the challenges is that of Chinese food. You should not only consider the special taste of chili and allspice in Chinese cuisine, but also learn to use chopsticks when eating. A few days ago, I saw a news report about the production of disposable chopsticks. The poor sanitary conditions in the production process deeply touched me. Chopsticks are a kind of eating tool unique to the eastern countries. Our ancestors used chopsticks to eat until now.
China used bamboo, pine trees and even bones to make chopsticks. Ancient Chinese nobles also use jade and gold for chopsticks. However, the most expensive chopsticks in Chinese history are still silver chopsticks. Although it took a long time, many rules for using chopsticks still remain. Few foreigners are familiar with these rules. For example, hitting a plate with chopsticks will remind you of the embarrassment of having a meal. In addition, you cannot use chopsticks to put back the food that you caught, nor can you use the chopsticks to pick favorite food in the dish. The top part of the dish should be taken. Also, except for a large bowl of rice or soup, it is impolite to use chopsticks to chop up food.
Obviously, the Chinese are reluctant to abandon chopsticks because they have a long history. First of all, chopsticks originated in China. It is said that when Daxie took control of floods, he once came to an island by boat and was hungry. He set up pots and boiled meat. Big brothers are reluctant to wait for the soup to be cold and then eat meat, because this will waste valuable time for water management, so they use two sticks to clamp the meat out of the soup. All of them followed suit, and the two branches became the prototype of chopsticks.
In the history of human civilization, chopsticks are an invention that the Chinese people are very proud of. The ancestors invented the chopsticks that are resistant to heat and cold during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States era. In the long-term diet life, the use of chopsticks by people from different regions and different strata has formed some commonplace. Chopsticks symbolize joy and happiness, and folk customs around chopsticks in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are particularly rich.The correct use of chopsticks is not as simple as imagined. In front of the table, the first lesson in life is to learn to use chopsticks under the guidance of parents. When the child can eat himself, you must teach him to use his right hand to hold the chopsticks. Our parents used chopsticks to complete three meals a day. We have also been influenced by the culture of chopsticks since childhood. Receiving food with chopsticks has always been a habit for Chinese people to eat. Many foreign scholars have even called chopsticks the “biggest invention” in ancient China.

Chopsticks are really a great tool to enjoy food but it makes foreigners crazy...
2018/3/20 9:13:29