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A creative and encouraging girl tries to restore ancient Chinese make-up

2018/3/23 18:39:09
A creative and encouraging girl tries to restore ancient Chinese make-up
What are girls' potentials? When we tend to focus more on men's achievement than women's achievement due to sexual stereotypes. Today I want to introduce a girl called Wang yifang who are 26 years old contributes to something differently. If she is not brave enough to take the first step to do what she wants, maybe the value of ancient make-up needs to take more years to bring to life. Her father, mother, grandpa and uncle all take up positions in the same bank. Though her familiy hope she can also live a ordinary life by working in the same bank , but she who had spent many years in the small hometown, decides to live a different and challenging life by studying ancient females' make-up because she have been keen on playing with adults' make-up since childhhood. Why she  know the ancient make-up is because of her grandpa who wants to cure his skin diseases by having studied many ancient books on traditional Chinese medicine to make medicine by himself.   She ,at the beginning, only made the restoration of ancient make-up as her hobby at leisure time. But when she studies further, the magic of ancient make-up attracts her more and more. So she gave up her job to concentrate on restoring ancient make-up. The more she studies, the more she is captivated by it. She is proud of Chinese make-up due to its environmental-friendly nature  and refreshing tinges. She said that the ancient females used special lipsticks called "kouzhi" with the same function of lip pomades prior to putting on rouge. The process of "kouzhi" is very complicated. At first, the cloves and ageratums are soaked in the kaoliang spirit. Secondly, steam the kaoliang spirit to give off some fumes of wine. Lastly, pour the spirit into the oil to fully evaporate the wine, leaving the medicine's properties and wine' fragrance. Then add the beewax. The "kouzhi" not only is regarded as the  a part of make-up to protect people's lips, but also has the function of adjusting people's spleen and stomach.
I think she is very excellent girl by persevering in studying inheriting the traditional culture. In such a society full of fickleness, she makes a good example to us. I hope we are able to live a different life by being our true selves.

Making ancient Chinese make-up 

ancient Chinese make-up

The process of restoring

I have followed a blogger named Li Ziqi on Meipai. She uses the traditional ways of cooking and lives in a remote mountain ,like Wang Yifang. They are all the inheritors of Chinese culture and they are all beauties!
2018/3/26 17:32:47