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How to prepare for the China workplace

2018/3/25 1:10:26
How to prepare for the China workplace
First of all, to enter the China workplace, we must pay attention to their own appearance and instrumentation. It does not necessarily require formal wear, but it must not be worn too casually. A white shirt, a pair of dark trousers, and a pair of dark leather shoes met the requirements. Wearing a leader's clothes, the so-called "leadership leader," that is to say, no collar, how can he become the leader of the future?
Second, be punctual. Punctuality is a great virtue in life. Whether it is work or meeting, it must be punctual. Here I am saying that punctuality is not reached on time, but at least 10 minutes in advance to achieve, to leave yourself to adjust the breathing, calm mood, time to do things again.Try to communicate as much as you can with a master. This will help your progress. Some of their words may allow you to avoid many detours and avoid hitting the South Wall. Why not do it? In addition, it is also necessary to set a goal that is learning, learning is a life-long benefit. The Internet age has developed rapidly. If you do not learn, you will certainly fall behind. Therefore, you must continue to learn.
Finally, in doing things, remember that you should not be greedy or ask for color, but you must be accurate. Do not make repeated and low-level mistakes. Keeping records at all times is an attitude and respect. For the tasks assigned by the leaders, it is necessary to reply in a timely manner. To complete a stage, it is necessary to report on it and master the progress of the work. In dealing with colleagues, be modest and prudent, and be open-minded.To be kind to people, this is the foundation of the body. Regardless of Oriental culture, Western culture, and various religious schools, it is emphasized that people must be kind. There is a kind heart to learn to understand, tolerate and forgive. Only in this way can you not let yourself off the track and do evil, and you can sleep in peace at night.

It is said that during the interview process, the interviewer is just as nervous as the applicant.Ha~ha.
2018/4/9 10:52:54