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Missing children - the left-alone angles

2018/3/25 21:51:40
Missing children - the left-alone angles
 “Why do you traffick children?”
“Because trafficking children can help make easy money .”
“Don't you realize that you are committing crimes? ”
“Their parents can give birth to more babies to replace those who have been abducted .”
“How many times have you been involved in this criminal acts by trafficking children? What is the largest number of children trafficked by you once?”
“I couldn't remember very clearly. I could sell several monthly. I  seem to have sold three or four children once .”
“Where they are going after being abducted”
“They will go everywhere across the country. I am only responsible for abducting them for an unknown organizaton specializing in this secret operation. I am not allowed to know the whereabouts of the missing children in order to cover their tracks. ”
“How do you commit your modus operandi ?”
“I will cajole them or grab them if they are too smart or beat them to black out if they are indocile. ”
“Have you ever thought of what their future will unfold for them?”
“I don't know their whereabouts at all. ”
“Have you investigated some specific kids as your targets”
“I tend to pay more attention to healthy children or those who wear quality clothes because the qualified children, like  products with high quality, deserve good prices. But even they who are born in wealthy families may not be bargained for good prices.”
“Had you killed children in the processes?”
“The kid cried so hard that my group threw him into the river. It's my partner who killed him.”
When I see the words from the man who abducted children, I feel so painful and want to deplore this bad man! Have him ever thought of his children being trafficked by men like him , what a ruthless man! How could he say “Their parents can give birth to more babies to replace those who have been abducted .”!   Even  when I, an unmarried woman, are so enraged by his words, I can't imagine how the parents who have experienced the pain of losing their children whom they had expected for so long and gave so much love and care to after seeing those words. I also saw a wechat passage about the missing children just now.  A mother said that when she visited a relative in Guangxi, she saw a girl with eyes removed during the trip. Then she put 10 yuan in the girl's begging bowl. She felt disappointed at the girl' dialect when she asked the girl's situation. But the child suddenly grabbed her hands and wouldn't let her go. So she called the police. But something unexpectedly occured. She found that the girl was her missing daughter after the DNA match. But she and her husband were overwhelmingly weighed down again by the hospital check. Her daughter had a damaged hymen,  was subjected to cervical carcinoma and had many organs damaged badly. Although they took their girl back home to care her with love, their daughter still left them forever.  
When I saw the story, I felt painful for the girl who could come back to her loving family after suffering so much but passed away at the end. If she wasn't abducted by those bad guys, she would live a happy life with her parents. But what had been done was done. There are more and more children who, unluckier than the girl, never have a chance to see their parents again and still go through mang twists and turns. They may die silently and hopelessly. I remembered that I had once saw a movie called Lost and Love. When seeing the father spending most of his time in the motor journey just to find his missing son, I felt moved and cried. So as parents, everyone of you should pay attention to your children. I also hope our country can crack down on cases of missing children , stamp out the phenomena of abducting children and punish the criminals severely for what they have done!

Missing children

Lost and Love

Oh,it is so sad...there are many kids who are unlucky to be trafficked and I hope our law will be hard enough on it.
2018/3/26 17:29:00