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We can feel the power from wechat in conveying love

2018/3/27 18:03:33
We can feel the power from wechat in conveying love
You may all see the wechat moments of a doctor called Zhu xingwan who mentioned that a premature baby called Maomao who was dignosed with necrotizing enterocolitics soon after his birth and his stomach swelled like a side drum. So his parents had to take him to receive hospice and palliative care. But the doctor who specialize in neonatology didn't give up after knowing the baby's state of illness and still hold hope by posting the pictures recording Maomao's state of illness and related check results. Luckily, at 11 o'clock p.m., a surgical director of the newborn called Dou jinfa contacted the doctor by wechat and said he succeeded in saving a baby last year. Then at 2 o'clock a.m., Zhu xingwang accompanied Maomao to take the ambulance from Chongqing to Hangzhou to conduct emergency treatment. In the travel, two doctors were still communicating with each other about the situation of Maomao by wechat. After the two hour's fight, Maomao is safe now. Many people are moved by the selfless spirit of two doctors who tried hard to save a delicate life. I also feel the power of wechat which has made much contribution to the society. 
In life, there is always accusations aimed at doctors. People deplore them as ruthless, irresponsible, greedy and so on. Some people even vented their anger and disappointment to doctors by virtue of violence and oral abuses. They tend to pay more attention to the bad sides of doctors, neglecting doctors' toil in treating others by all means. There are many touching things happening around us. I once read a passage that a female nurse who worked on her night shift to finish the editing of case diagnosis when holding a crying baby all night. A doctor didn't give up a man who haD a sudden cardiac arrest with no pulse and autonomous respiration by conducting the emergence treatment for more than two hours. So please respect doctor's hard work. 

The wechat moments

Doctors are responsible for their patients

Wow,that is so great.I believe doctors are angels who are responsible for patients.They are selfless and wanna try their best to save everyone's life.
2018/3/28 18:10:10