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Howcan one keep a heart of goodness

2018/3/27 18:25:02
Howcan one keep a heart of goodness

Recently, I meet a lot of unpleasant things, which made me so sad. First of all, I am sure you have all heard of the sprayer. I had never thought such a person would be so sick before I actually met it. Their own level is not high, but they like to stand on the moral high ground to show that they are human beings of integrity. Everyone has their own opinions. You should pay attention to your words under any circumstances. When you are angry, please speak less and powerfully. Bad language will make you look like a uneducated person.
Nowadays, in many books, which are always told us to be a kind person. But, what is the true kind?
I sill remember the day I first arrived in Xi’an. At the airport, when I was waiting for the plane take off, a man touched my shoulder, which made me look back at him. He ask me for some money to buy a new ticket. For this reason, I was really surprised at him. At that moment, I only had no more than 100 yuan, both in my card and the cash. He said he was too late and he had no money. I look at him with some hesitation. Then I think if he was really in trouble, I should help him. What’s more, he said he would return the money when he arrive the destination or may also could return more. I didn’t want more, but just want to help a worthy person. Finally, I gave him 80 yuan. He said “Thank you” to me and shook hands with me. Then, he gone.
Without enough money, I didn’t have a lunch. I was so hungry, but I think it was worthy.
However, the thing didn’t over until the day I found he delete my contact information. In other words, he didn’t return the money to me. To be honest, I was really sad. I began to ask myself why help him without thinking twice. But, after the calm, I released myself.
In the end, I think the true kindness is deep inside. In the process, we can be cheated, hurt and confused. But nobody can shame us. For the worm of the world, we have tried and cherished. We have a clear conscience. That’s enough.

Good and evil are not appearances.

Someone will remembere your kindness

We have a clear conscience. That's enough

I just don't know why some people lost their conscience.Won't they feel bad at night if they did something evil?
2018/3/28 18:06:00
Nietzsche @ Mackenzie : I Don't know, either.