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Do you belong to those with high EQ

2018/3/27 19:31:46
Do you belong to those with high EQ
You can have a self-examination on yourselves whether you are people with high EQ.
Firstly, those with high EQ don't criticize and judge others. Actully, the complaints breed more negative feelings and make others feel bad. Those with high EQ only focus on important things..You can have a self-examination on yourselves whether you belong to those who are with high EQ.Secondly, those with high EQ are more enthusiasitic and optimistic about their lives, jobs and emotions. They know how to give full play their positive emotions and don't subject to negative emotions.
Thirdly, those with high EQ are lenient and open-minded. They don't find fault with unimportant things.
Fourthly, those with high EQ excel at communicating with others in an honest, sincere and courteous way.  But how to communication with others by making others and ourselves comfortable is a must which needs a lot practices.
Fifthly, those with high EQ are good at praising others in a sincere way. They attach much importance to others' merits to learn from them because they know those who tend to find fault with others will lag behind and become losers.
Sixthly, those with high EQ are skillful in listening to others by not interrupting others' talk. Listening  carefully what others say when making eye contace with them is a manifestation of respect for others.
Sixthly, those with high EQ are honest with themselves and others by not shrinking responsibilities and facing up to problems and solving problems as soon as possible.
Lastly, those with high EQ are good at remembering other's names by heart because showing respect for others beginning with remembering their names will help you make more friends.
I want to introduce a famous person called Zeng guofan who played an essential role in Chinese ancient history. When he was a child, he didn't belong to those intelligent children. One night, he read a book at home. But he still couldn't recite a passage after reading many times.Then a thief waited outside his home for a long time to wait for the right time to break into Zeng guofan's house. But during the waiting,the thief got angry and said Zeng guofan was too silly to recite a passage. But what surprise Zeng guofan more is that the thief recited the passage and escaped. Zeng guofan thought to himself that the thief is so clever and he himself need t press ahead with more arduous efforts. It's his determination and patience that made him so successful to become someone.
Among the American enterprises, human resources supervisor agree that people are recruited due to IQ while they are promoted thanks to EQ. For example, a famous manager was asked to list the subordinates who had performed on their work in the most efficient way. Those people he listed were not those with high IQ but with high EQ.This suggests that compared to unsociable talents who are not good at social communication, the people who are quite adept at cooperating and getting along with other colleges tend to get more promotion opportunities. 
So in order to become better and better, we need to be those who are with high EQ.

IQ or EQ


EQ is more importanT than IQ

Let us become those with high EQ

I think I belong to this group hahaha~
2018/3/28 18:02:57