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The Help - hoping to be fairly treated in this world

2018/3/31 15:33:49
The Help - hoping to be fairly treated in this world
The story derives from the background where the society was clouded by "black slavery" in Mississippi in 1962. 1962 witnessed the mistreatment aimed at black servants of many families. A white girl called Skeeter Phelan who was back home after finishing her study. Educated and inspired, she dreamt to be a excellent author, which is contrary to the thought of her mother, a conservative woman who thought that a woman should get married and live a decent life.
Skeeter was raised by a black maid whom she could confide in about her inner thoughts. But when she came back, she found the servant leave without leaving detailed whereabouts. Skeeter is uncomfortable with the racist attitudes of her socialite friends towards their maids. She is shocked when Hilly forwards a letter to the Home Sanitation Initiative to install separate bathrooms for the help. Skeeter later learns that her mother Charlotte fired her childhood maid Constantine for unknown reasons. During a terrible storm, Minny refuses to go out to use the help's toilet and uses the guest's bathroom, resulting in her getting fired by Hilly. Skeeter is advised by her book editor at Harper & Row, Elaine Stein, that the stories of two maids are not enough, but potential retribution from the maid's employers hinders others from joining the project. Aibileen tells Skeeter about the pain she experiences about her son being fatally crushed while on the job. Aibileen has struggled to find closure from his death, and believes that helping with the book will enable her to find that closure.
From the movie, I see many virtues reflected in this movie. Not all the white are very mean. There are some people who like Skeeter who cared and loved their maids very much. A white doctor bought farm as twice as the money to make those maids seek job more easily. Actually, the attitude towards the black was borne on by the social atomsphere. Most of the white people are brought up by black maids when young and innocent. May Mobley once said to her maid that her maid was hef real mom. But when those white children grew up, they realized the social class made a sentimal impact on their changing attitude towards those black maids. Skeeter and Celia were those who really cared black maids. When Skeeter was laughed by some white people, her black maid stood by her and encouraged her. Also, Celia was an innocent and careless girl who came from the cpuntry, but she was looked down upon by other white people. So they understand the situation of black maids and encouraged black maids against the bias.
I hope you can enjoy this movie and have an insight into it.

Black maids

She was afraid of using the toilet of her owner.

The Help

The influence of black slavery continues until now, and it also causes racial discrimination.
2018/4/8 15:05:23