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The dire situation of juvenile mothers

2018/4/3 21:12:14
The dire situation of juvenile mothers
When we, the generation of 90s still are afraid of getting married and giving birth to children, girls who are the generation of 00s choose to drop out to give birth to children instead of studying in the schools.  A group of boys and girls at the age of between 14 to 17 years old have begun to flaunt their abilities of giving birth to babies.  I want to mention a girl called Yang qingning, at the age of 20, who is the leader of this boom  of giving birth to babies among juveniles and has had 45 million fans on the GIF SHOW.  She had 6 ex-boyfriends before she was 17 years old. At the age of 17, she married the other host called Wang lele and got pregnant. So they attracted more fans by virtue of the topic of early pregnancy. But in this process, they had conflicts from time to time like domestic violence. Then the girl cheated on another host but parted with each other at last. Then a group of teenager boys and girls have copied her successful story.  Why they choose to do this silly thing without considering the expenses spent on tuition, milk powder, houses and so on? Because they just want to feed their vanity at the brink of an eye by captivating the attention of increasing fans. 
The legal marriage age in our country is that males should not marry until they reach 22 years old while females should not marry until they reach 20 years old. So those who have sex with those juvenile girls should be subject to law. In order to become a hit to attract more attention online, the CEO of platform needs to be accountable for his operation. The staff begin to realize the severity of problems after CCTV has exposed them to public opinions.  
In order to create an environment where children have a happy and innocent childhood, the internet is in dire need of being cleared by punishing those illegal behaviours through rigourous laws.  Parents should pay more attention to the sound development of children by supervising their behaviours. 

The craze for giving birth to babies among juveniles

The horrible situation

Juvenile mothers

As a post-90s, I was shocked by these kids.
2018/4/8 10:51:12