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My fowever confidant - hoping you become more and more tougher

2018/4/5 21:35:58
My fowever confidant - hoping you become more and more tougher
Today I want to introduce my best friend whose nickname is Xiao kedou. I want to share you with her story because she is so brilliant and cute, but sometimes too innocent. We didn't get to know each other and become confidants  until I asked her to dine out after a suddenly encounter  with her whom I didn't meet frequently because we were at different classes. Actually at the biginning, I mistook her wrongly when we merely met each other in the same competition. She, a typical northern girl, is very generous and friendly to people as well as very active when researching into her favourite subject such as interpretation classes. On the contrary, I, like most other southern girls , am  reserved in expressing my opinions. So I fell into the category regarding her tendency to impress others by asking many questions to teachers. But when we got to know each other, I found I made such stupid mistakes by mistaking her as such kind of person. So please don't judge others by their appearances because you may lose the chance to make sincere friends. At that time, I was very sad and downcast of losing a good friend. So the depressing experience  makes me afraid of making new friends easily. She strike a chord with me because of similar depressing experience. If without her support, I would spend more time recovering from the bad feelings. Actually we also have encountered some conflicts especially when living far apart. I even scolded her terribly once online. It's because I didn't want to undergo the painful exprience again. Then my boyfriend instructed me a lot and I understood friends needed to be lenient with each other who, as ordinary people, must have many different ways of behaving themselves and  conflicts are indispensable. So we need to know we can't change others who already has shaped a lifestyle for a long time which can't be changed at the brink of an eye. I know I seemed to impose my seemingly right concepts may only applicable to me on her. I could imagine, in this context, others may blame me more bitterly, but she didn't do this but told me she understood my psychological harm and tried to think in my perspective. I felt so moved by her who didn't resort to the same violent way as me and chose to reflect on her behaviours. So I cherish her and will try my best to see her again before her study abroad. Actually I am afraid of distance and time which can change many things and people, but I need to keep faith in our friendship.  I was moved by you last night. You stayed up to help me revise my paper due to the flaw of my computer after you were so tired of coming home by subway. You also cared my health and my emotions by supervising my diet when I suffered stomachache. Even now, you still care and support me when suffering bad lucks during these days. I will keep the photos with you and me fowever. I never forget many happy and foolish things we have done together. I hope you will fowever be kind, happy, and healthy as well as excellent in your study and career. I hope you can care and love more about yourself by eating  and sleeping in time when pursuing your dreams. I hope you can share with me your happiness and unhappiness. I hope we can share success and failure together. I wish to become your bridesmaid one day. Please remember me fowever. 
Life is too short, so cherish your good friends.

When we did the interpreting work.

When you hugged me under the sun.

When we photographed for our resume photos.

Having a good friend is so wonderful.At least,you won't feel lonely sometimes.
2018/4/9 9:16:40
A good friend is a wealth in life.
2018/4/8 10:26:46